Xavier LabandeiraAlthough the usual and primary target for my articles are high-impact JCR economics journals, I also dedicate part of my time to publishing in local and non-specialized outlets as well as to the production and edition of academic books. The first versions of my papers are usually available in the working paper series of Economics for Energy and of the UV Department of Applied Economics.

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La Fiscalidad Energético-ambiental en tiempos de Crisis Energética y Climática
Xavier Labandeira
Nota d'Economia 107 (2023)
Taxation and Ecological Transition during Climate and Energy Crises: the Main Conclusions of the 2022 Spanish White Book on Tax Reform
Xavier Labandeira
WP 09-2022, Real Instituto Elcano (2022)
La Transición a Sociedades Descarbonizadas
Xavier Labandeira
Cuadernos Económicos de ICE, 104: 5-8 (2022)
Distributional Impacts of Carbon Taxation in Mexico
Xavier Labandeira, José M. Labeaga, Xiral López-Otero, Thomas Sterner
Cuadernos Económicos de ICE, 104: 137-167 (2022)