Xavier LabandeiraAlthough the usual and primary target for my articles are high-impact JCR economics journals, I also dedicate part of my time to publishing in local and non-specialized outlets as well as to the production and edition of academic books. The first versions of my papers are usually available in the working paper series of Economics for Energy and of the UV Department of Applied Economics.

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Exploring Energy Use in Fashion Stores: A Field Experiment
Xavier Labandeira, María L. Loureiro
WP 01-2019, Economics for Energy (2019)
Nuevas Reformas Fiscales Verdes: Evaluaciones Ex-ante para España
Xavier Labandeira, José M. Labeaga, Xiral López-Otero
WP 03a-2018 Economics for Energy (2018)
Major Reforms in Electricity Pricing: Evidence from a Quasi-experiment
Xavier Labandeira, José M. Labeaga, Jordi Teixidó
WP 02-2018, Economics for Energy (2018)
Crisis y Reforma de la Fiscalidad sobre el Transporte
Alberto Gago, Xavier Labandeira, Xiral López-Otero
WP 01a-2018, Economics for Energy (2018)
Road Transport Taxation: Crisis and Reform
WP 01-2018, Economics for Energy (2018)
Energy Tax Reform and Poverty Alleviation in Mexico
José M. Labeaga, Xavier Labandeira, Xiral López-Otero
WP 18-01, Departamento de Economía Aplicada UV (2018)
Las Nuevas Reformas Fiscales Verdes
Alberto Gago, Xavier Labandeira, Xiral López-Otero
WP 05-2016, Economics for Energy (2016)
New Green Tax Reforms: an Economic Appraisal
Susana Silva, Xiral López-Otero, Xavier Labandeira, Óscar Afonso
WP 03-2016, Economics for Energy (2016)
Hydrological Management of a Heavily Dammed River Basin: the Miño-Sil
Juan Añel, Mohcine Bakhat, Xavier Labandeira
WP 03-2014, Economics for Energy (2014)
Energy Demand for Heating: Short Run and Long Run
Michael Hanemann, Xavier Labandeira, José M. Labeaga, Xiral López-Otero
WP 07/2013, Economics for Energy (2013)
Cambio Climático, Edificios y Precios de la Energía
WP FA04B/2012, Economics for Energy (2012)
Sistema Energético y Cambio Climático. Prospectiva Energética y Regulatoria
Xavier Labandeira
WP 02/2012, Economics for Energy (2012)
Public Preferences for Climate Change Policies: Evidence from Spain
Michael Hanemann, Xavier Labandeira, María Loureiro
WP 2011-06, Fedea (2011)