Xavier Labandeira
[ Professor of Economics ]
Although the usual and primary target for my articles are high-impact JCR economics journals, I also dedicate part of my time to publishing in local and non-specialized outlets as well as to the production and edition of academic books. The first versions of my papers are usually available in the working paper series of Economics for Energy and of the FSR-Climate
Major publications
Pro-environmental Households and Energy Efficiency in Spain
Ana Ramos, Xavier Labandeira, Andreas Löschel
Environmental and Resource Economics, 63: 367-393 (2016)
Frontiers in the Economics of Energy Efficiency
Carlos de Miguel, Xavier Labandeira, Andreas Löschel
Energy Economics, 52: S1-S4 (2015)
The Role of Information for Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector
Ana Ramos, Alberto Gago, Xavier Labandeira, Pedro Linares
Energy Economics, 52: S17-S29 (2015)
Facultade de CC. Económicas, Campus As Lagoas s/n, 36310 Vigo (Spain)
Telephones +34986812518, +34986128016 xavier@uvigo.es
European University Institute, Via delle Fontanelle 19, 50014 Firenze (Italy)
Telephone +390554685771 xavier.labandeira@eui.eu