Xavier Labandeira
[ Professor of Economics ]
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I spend a great deal of time trying to disseminate the conclusions of my research and to foster the transfer of knowledge related to energy and environmental economics. That is why I have promoted the creation of Economics for Energy, a research center that specializes in the economic analysis of energy issues. My role as coordinator and currently advisor of the Master’s degree in Management of Sustainable Development is also explained by this general objective. I firmly believe in the usefulness of workshops in spreading knowledge among concerned agents, which justifies my rather intense activity in this field. I also try to accept invitations to give seminars and to advice public or private entities in energy and environmental matters. Additionally, whenever possible, I collaborate with the media and write in the blog of Economics for Energy in specialized topics within my expertise.
Behavioral economics: the revolution will be live
Madrid, 14-09-2017
Global Carbon Pricing: The Path to Climate Cooperation (discussant to Peter Cramton)
Florence, 27-06-2017
Presentación del Informe de Economics for Energy sobre Seguridad Energética en España
Madrid, 21-06-2017
Implementing the EU 2030 climate and energy package and the Energy Union at large
Bonn (UNFCCC), 12-05-2017
Drawing lessons from the unwieldy reforms of EU-ETS: Combining price and quantity management (discussant to Christian de Perthuis)
Florence, 09-05-2017
Challenges for economic research on climate change after Paris
Lago Como, 04/05-05-2017
3rd LIFE SIDE workshop: EU ETS and its interaction with other climate and energy policies
Florence, 04-04-2017
2nd LIFE SIDE workshop: Driving low-carbon investment and innovation in the EU ETS
Florence, 03-04-2017
Workshop: 2017 Economic Challenges for Energy
Madrid, 15/16-02-2017
Workshop: 2017 Developments in Energy Economics
Madrid, 15-02-2017
1st LIFE SIDE workshop: Allocation of free allowances in EU ETS to address the risk of carbon leakage
Florence, 02-12-2016
FSR Climate Annual Conference 2016: Assessment of European Climate Policies
Florence, 01/02-12-2016
Assessing the efficiency-fairness trade-offs from a revenue-neutral carbon tax (discussant to Larry Goulder)
Florence, 07-11-2016
7th Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics
A Toxa, 27/28-06-2016
The household vehicle portfolio. Implications for emissions abatement policies (discussant to Dave Rapson)
Florence, 07-06-2016
The Potential of Distributed Energy Resources to Tackle Climate Change
The web, 06-06-2016
Field and Lab Experiments in Climate Policy
Florence, 06-05-2016
The Real Value of the Paris Agreement (discussant to Leonardo Massai)
Florence, 07-04-2016
Book Presentation: Greening Economy, Graying Society (by Lucas Bretschger)
Florence, 03-03-2016
Workshop: 2016 Economic Challenges for Energy
Madrid, 28/29-01-2016
Workshop: 2016 Developments in Energy Economics
Madrid, 28-01-2016
Facultade de CC. Económicas, Campus As Lagoas s/n, 36310 Vigo (Spain)
Telephones +34986812518, +34986128016 xavier@uvigo.es
European University Institute, Via delle Fontanelle 19, 50014 Firenze (Italy)
Telephone +390554685771 xavier.labandeira@eui.eu