Xavier LabandeiraI spend a great deal of time trying to disseminate the conclusions of my research and to foster the transfer of knowledge related to energy and environmental economics. That is why I have promoted the creation of Economics for Energy,  a research center that specializes in the economic analysis of energy issues. I firmly believe in the utility of workshops in spreading knowledge among concerned agents, which justifies my rather intense activity in this field. I also try to accept invitations to give seminars and to advice public or private entities in energy and environmental matters. Additionally, whenever possible, I collaborate with the media and write in the blog of Economics for Energy and tweet in specialized topics within my expertise.

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Canvi climàtic. Fiscalitat i compensacions distributives
Barcelona, 13-12-2022
From climate objectives to actions: Proposals of the Spanish White Book on Tax Reform for energy and transport
Firenze, 23-11-2022
Energy and environmental tax proposals in the recent Spanish White Book on Tax Reform
Bilbao, 12-07-2022
La fiscalidad ambiental y su impacto sobre la desigualdad
San Sebastián, 11-07-2022
Reforma fiscal y capacidad tributaria de las CCAA
Santiago, 22-06-2022
Conclusiones destacadas del informe sobre la mitigación del cambio climático (grupo 3 IPCC)
Santander, 16-06-2022
La mitigación del cambio climático desde una perspectiva económica
IHCantabria, 16-06-2022
Fiscalidad ambiental
Barcelona, 13-06-2022
Políticas de mitigación climática a 2030
Santiago, 08-06-2022
Energy and environmental proposals in the Spanish white paper on tax reform
Porto, 02-06-2022
Imposición medioambiental
Sevilla, 16-05-2022
Environmental Taxation within the Spanish white book on tax reform
JRC (Seville), 16-05-2022
Fiscalidad medioambiental
Valencia, 13-05-2022
As propostas ambientais do Libro Branco para a reforma do sistema tributario español
Vigo, 22-03-2022