Xavier LabandeiraI spend a great deal of time trying to disseminate the conclusions of my research and to foster the transfer of knowledge related to energy and environmental economics. That is why I have promoted the creation of Economics for Energy,  a research center that specializes in the economic analysis of energy issues. My role as coordinator (and currently advisor) of the Master’s degree in Management of Sustainable Development is also explained by this general objective. I firmly believe in the utility of workshops in spreading knowledge among concerned agents, which justifies my rather intense activity in this field. I also try to accept invitations to give seminars and to advice public or private entities in energy and environmental matters. Additionally, whenever possible, I collaborate with the media and write in the blog of Economics for Energy and tweet in specialized topics within my expertise.

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Externalidades y Políticas Climáticas (AFI, PPD Finanzas Sostenibles)
Madrid, 04-03-2019
Desafíos del cambio climático para los agentes económicos (Lawahead--Instituto de Empresa)
Madrid, 11-02-2019
Cambio climático y políticas de mitigación: Una puesta al día
Barcelona, 25-01-2019